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Worcester Lodge Care Home For The Elderly
Tel: 01275 874031

Residents Charter

All employees of Worcester Lodge are expected to uphold the following principles of care in respect of the rights of all residents.

1. The Right of Fulfilment

To assist residents to achieve their full potential capacity, however small, in respect of their physical, intellectual emotional and social needs.


2. The Right to Dignity

To preserve the self respect of residents by:

  • Maintaining status
  • Affording privacy in space, belief and opinions
  • Recognition and use, where appropriate, of talents
  • The practice of courtesy and respect toward residents at all times


3. The Right of Autonomy

To maintain a resident's right to self-determination and freedom of choice, subject to the limitations of group living. The provision of choice, with assistance where necessary, to express wishes and preferences, including external help (eg, doctor, solicitor).


4.The Right of Individuality

To respond to the individual needs of residents, to enable them to maintain their particular identity in respect of beliefs, opinions and reasonable idiosyncrasies.


5. The Right to Esteem

To recognise the qualities, experiences, talents and previous higher status of residents. To get to know relatives and visitors, to then use this information to maintain the morale of individual residents.


6. The Right to a High Quality of Life

To expect a wide range of normal activities to be available, to enable a resident to exercise freedom of choice, and to provide opportunities to go out shopping, visiting etc. To provide facilities for residents to follow their own particular religious or political pursuits, and at times carry them out. To recognise the necessity for privacy.


7. The Right to Freedom

To maintain the resident's right to have opportunities to develop personal relationships within and outside the home.


8. The Right to take Risks

To allow residents to undertake activities which contain an element of risk, the criteria being the resident's competence to judge, and the risk to others.